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2016 Annual Meeting

The Rancho Lomas Owner's Association's most recent Annual Meeting of its members was held on Wednesday, September 28th 2016 at the Sunset Grill (1274 Golf Club Road, Las Cruces).

1. Call to order – Board President
2. Introduction of the board and HOAMCO representatives – Board President
3. Review past year’s accomplishments and discuss future focus. – Board President
4. Annual budget review – HOAMCO Property Management
5. Nominations and elections to the Board of Directors (vote) – Board President
6. Other new business – All members
7. Q/A (as time permits) – All members
8. Call to Adjourn – Board President

The meeting announcement for this annual meeting was sent electronically to RLOA members' e-mail address on file.

Please note - the document named "RLOA Annual Meeting 2016 Activity Review.pdf" was distributed at the meeting for review and discussion by the participants. The "RLOA Annual Meeting Minutes 2016.pdf" show the approved minutes of the proceedings. Click on either file to view or download the files.  Additionally, to view files downloaded to your local computer you will need a .pdf viewer installed.
Rancho Lomas,
Oct 31, 2016, 12:38 AM
Rancho Lomas,
Oct 31, 2016, 12:38 AM