Mailbox Updates

20 March 2024


Hello Rancho Lomas Owners Association Members,

We would like to provide you with the latest update to the mailbox situation.


We have completed the repairs to mailbox cluster three, by installing the solid one-piece door.  USPS has installed their master lock and service has resumed.

This means that all four mailbox clusters are now back in operation, and you no longer need to go to the Post Office to retrieve your mail.  You can now get it from your assigned mailbox.


Additionally, we were able to secure permission from the USPS Supervisor and Postmaster to install gates over the boxes.  We have started the work with a local fabricator to construct the gates.  We will send another update when we are close to installing the gates and provide you with the combination to open the gate and retrieve your mail.


Please feel free to reach out or reply to this message if you have any questions, concerns with our current plans, or ideas on ways we can improve the security of the area.


Thank you again, for your patience while we work through this complicated situation.


Thank you,

RLOA Board of Directors

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