Mailbox Updates

20 March 2024


Hello Rancho Lomas Owners Association members,


Spring is in the air, and here in southern New Mexico that can mean only one thing – it is the start of windy season.


The winds will be picking up from now through late May (and maybe even June). With the wind, we often see an increase in dust and unfortunately, we see more trash blowing around this time of year.


In an effort to combat blowing trash and debris, the city of Las Cruces updated the trash collection policy, and the HOA has incorporated these changes into its trash bin, recycling bin and grappler pickup rules.


While the rules cover several issues, we want to draw your attention to two key topics:



Both topics help keep our community looking its best by reducing the amount of time the bins are openly exposed and keeping trash in the bins not allowing the wind to carry it through our community.


Please see the updated Trash, Recycling Bin and Grappler Pickup Rules attached to this email or visit the rules section of our website at


Thank you,


RLOA Board of Directors


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