About the RLOA

Welcome to the Rancho Lomas Owner's Association (RLOA). The Rancho Lomas residential subdivision is a covenant controlled community comprising 50 upscale properties. Each home resides on a lot ranging in size from one third to two thirds acres. Presently, several lots remain available for construction of new residential homes. As a covenant controlled community, each residential property is automatically enrolled in the RLOA. All RLOA properties are further assessed a monthly association fee which is $65 as of January 1, 2021 and will remain for 2022. Please refer to the "documents" section/tab and review the "annual budget" page for further details about how the monthly fee is allocated.

Rancho Lomas is located in the Sonoma Ranch development of Las Cruces, NM and is further located approximately 5 miles from the central downtown area.

The subdivision is convenient to hospitals and associated medical facilities, golf courses, the local state university - NMSU. and Dona Ana Community College.

RLOA property owners names and addresses may be found at the Dona Ana County Property Search Page. In order to navigate the page, click the pull down menu in the "search type" dialogue box and pull down to the option titled "subdivision". Then, in the "search value" box, type in the term "rancho lomas". Then click on the "submit" button.

Navigate the site by clicking on either Rancho Lomas Subdivision or Rancho Lomas Phase II. Rancho Lomas Subdivision comprises properties along Los Alamos Ct while Phase II comprises properties along Monte Bello, Montecito and Sedona Hills Pkwy.

Please note: The Property Search and all associated pages are the property of and maintained by the Dona Ana County Assessor's Office. It provides records that are considered to be in the public domain and accessible to all.

Please visit our Picture Gallery to view portions of the subdivision and to obtain the latest updates on new construction and related activities.