Board Meetings

The RLOA board will hold it's monthly board meeting on the last Thursday of every month at 6:00 P.M, with the exception of October which is the Annual meeting and November and December as the board only meets during these months by exception only.  This page will be updated if the schedule changes for any reason.

Please contact the board if you would like to attend or have an agenda item for this meeting.

The board meeting schedule for 2024 is scheduled as follows (exceptions noted):

Agenda items for the monthly meeting will include: financial review, landscape maintenance and any new business.  Meeting minutes will be posted as soon as they have been approved by the board and are made available.

If you would like to bring an item to the board for consideration during any board meeting please let us know using the Contact Us page or if you would like to attend the board meeting, please visit the Attending Board Meetings page for more information.  We welcome any RLOA member to attend.

Thank you!