RLOA Documents

This section provides a number of informational documents relevant to RLOA functions. Included are items such as Board of Director's meeting minutes, the budget and other documentation related to the RLOA business functions.

This section also provides access to documents that govern the RLOA. These documents form a structure that outlines basic regulations, conditions, procedures and protocols for a variety of issues that affect the membership and the entire organization.

The Covenants were filed when the subdivision was incorporated in New Mexico in the year 2003 and they provide the basic regulations, governing conditions and structure for operating the RLOA.

The rules, resolutions and bylaws are documents also governing the RLOA and are intended to clarify and otherwise better define specific issues that affect the daily operations in the Association. Rules, resolutions and bylaws further refine topics initially outlined or addressed in the covenants and which require further clarification.