Design Review Application

The Design Review Application, or also referred to as the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Application or the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) application are all names for the form required to initiate the approval process as outlined by section 3.07 of the Rancho Lomas Owner's Association (RLOA) Covenants.

Section 3.07 of the RLOA Covenants requires a prior review of all new construction, exterior renovation or remodeling within the subdivision. The Board of Directors, or its agent as the Planning Committee, reviews all plans to assure adherence to minimum design guidelines.

All applications require, at a minimum:

  • The completed Design Review application

  • A general layout or schematic of the floor plan

  • Dimensions

  • Exterior elevations

  • Siting and finishing schedules.

Lack of these submittals will delay approvals.

Please click the link below to download the application. The application can be printed, filled out and then mailed back at the address on the application with all supporting documents, or it may be scanned and emailed along with supporting documentation in electronic format to our HOAMCO property manger, Ms. Sylvia Balizan, at

If you have any questions with regard to the Design Review Application or the design review process, please e-mail Ms. Balizan at the address above or utilize the information on our Contact Page.